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Destination Marketing Association International presented the Destinations Showcase Conference in Washington, DC and offered students and industry professionals the opportunity to access nearly 200 unique meeting locations and organizations.  DMAI’s Destinations Showcase Washington has grown to become North America’s largest one-day event exclusively bringing conference, convention, and trade show professionals together with exhibiting meeting destinations from the United States and beyond.

  • One exculsive trade show connecting planners and destination experts
  • One day packaged with compelling education and resourceful contacts

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One of the most impactful messages that I took away from the conference came from Tom Singer referencing the infamous Einstein formula of E = MC2.  In relation to the hospitality industry, Tom Singer related the formula as “Engagement is a Meaningful Connection between Two (or more) people.  Within the tourism and hospitality there is a lot of competition for consumer’s spending, so in order to grab someone’s attention, you must find a way stand out in the crowd.  The speakers discussed the importance of having strong and qualified individuals who represent your business with good customer service skills.  Since most service transactions involve the customer and the service provider, your employees need to understand the importance of maintaining good customer relationships.  Another key component to creating new relationships is through networking.  The speaker discusses how networking is a lifestyle, and if you care about people, you will try your best to get to know them.  It was impactful to hear others discuss the importance of networking as STHM always stresses the importance of networking, so it was effective to hear it from another industry professional.

- Sylvia Dinh, Chair – Project Committee


I thought that the breakout session called “Disaster Prep 101: Are you ready?” was impactful, informational and a realistic and practical approach at evaluating disaster circumstances within the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.  One of the case studies that I was assigned to review involved flooding as the unfortunate aftermath of the city of Memphis, TN.  The hotel that over 500 attendees were booked to stay in was flooded and unable to provide lodging or food to the scheduled guests.  My assigned group and I decided that an effective solution to the problem would be to provide guests with transportation and accommodations at the next closest area not impacted by the hurricane.  It was a relevant topic with the unfortunate natural disasters that have affected tourists and their travel plans around the world.   Multiple CVBS from the United States and International locations were in attendance and I was most impressed with professionals from Destination DC, Chicago’s North Shore CVB, San Francisco Travel Association, Korea Tourism Organization, and Dubai Convention and Events Bureau.  When I mentioned that I was a student from Temple University these organizations did not turn me away, but valued my academic input and appreciated our school’s attendance at the event. It was nice to be valued as a student at such a prestigious event.

-       Jean Lee, Newsletter Committee






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