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The SINC Conference is a two-day event dedicated to educating students, young professionals and career changers on the business of sports. Those in attendance have unique access to the top sports executives in the industry today. If you are serious about pursuing or furthering your career in sports this is a conference you should not miss.

What will the SINC Conference do to help YOU land a job?

Securing a job in the competitive Sports Industry requires three components:  Knowledge of the Industry through education; Experience through internships and job placement; and Contacts through networking. The SINC Conference will assist in all three of these key areas and set you on the path to success.

Through the various keynote and panel discussions with industry leaders, participants will learn about the latest trends in the sports business industry including future opportunities and challenges.


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The SINC conference was a great opportunity to meet, network and brand myself to a long list of companies and organizations. I was able to take away a bunch of helpful information based on job and internship opportunities that are available, how these industry professionals got to the position they are in today, and where they see the sports industry going in the next 10 years. I had the chance to meet and talk to several professionals including the Director of HR for the Washington Nationals, the Assistant General Manager and Director of Legal Affairs for the Washington Capitals, a sports agent who happened to be a Temple Alumni, and many others. It is conferences and seminars like this one in particular that can potentially set you up with a future job or internship and I met some great people that I look forward to staying in contact with.

 - Devin Bode, Website Committee

I attended the Sports Industry Networking and Career Conference on February 8 and 9, 2013 at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. It was a valuable experience that I am so grateful I took advantage of. I was able to network with professionals in the sports industry, interview for internships, and attend panels throughout both days of the conference pertaining to issues in the sports industry. As a student in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management I feel that I was very well prepared to attend a professional event and was proud to say that I was a student from Temple University.

- Dana Bladel, Chair – Marketing Committee

The SINC conference has been beneficial to my professional growth in the Sport & Recreation field. It gave me a better understanding about the job placement and opportunities available. Everyone is competing for the same jobs to launch a career whether you are an undergraduate, graduate; sport management or business student what matters most is your experience, network, and marketability. Utilizing internships and industry experience course requirement in STHM serves a purpose to help each student have a head start. Artizen Management Group president and CEO Derrick Brooks stated “You might have a 3.80 GPA and graduate cum laude however if you can’t bring anything to the table then it is going to be a tough start.”

- Anthony Brenneman, Co-Chair –  Budget Committee




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