PAMPI Backpacks to Briefcases

Event Information:

We would like to present the 3rd Annual Backpacks to Briefcases event! This event has been created to help students making the transition from school to the next chapter in their life. The program will focus on teaching students about opportunities in the industry, how to plan ahead for their career and tips to improve their professional and networking skills. Students will also have multiple opportunities to interact with MPI Professionals during workshops, a networking reception, the speaker presentation and the panel discussion!

Small Group Workshops: 4:30-5:30 PM 
Learn more about the opportunities that exist in meeting planning!
Improve your professionalism and interview skills!
Discover tips for planning ahead and managing your career!

One-on-one Networking Reception: 5:30-6:30 PM 
Be paired with an MPI Professional during the MPI Reception and perfect your networking skills!

Speaker Presentation: 6:30-7:45 PM 
Join MPI Professionals for the MPI Monthly Program as Dr. Carr presents on
“The Digital Coconut Telegraph: Integrating Social Media into the Workplace and Its Functions”

1. Attendees will become aware of options for social media tools and necessities for integrating social media into events and programs.
2. Participants will be able to identify significant differences between traditional and social media for marketing, public relations, branding, and event coordination.
3. Learners will leave with specific strategies for their organizational or personal use to enhance social media use while being aware of potential pitfalls and shortcomings of new media.

Panel Discussion: 7:45-8:30 PM 
An opportunity to receive first hand advice from a diverse group of MPI Professionals!
Find out what they wish they knew when they were students!


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I was nervous that the industry professionals would look at me as a kid, but everyone I spoke to truly wanted to help me in anyway they could. They told me to use them as references and to call them for help and advice whenever I need too. I truly would recommend this event for seniors that are getting ready to take the next step into the world, these people truly cared.

- Briana Candeub, President – Section 1


One take away that Dr. Carr’s “Digital Coconut Telegraph” lecture touched on was the common mistake of abstaining from social media while on the job hunt. “It is almost creepier to an employer if you do not have an online presence.  They’re thinking, ‘What are you hiding?’” Social media is an absolute reality in today’s world.  Knowing how to correctly monitor and edit your pages is much more effective than deleting your accounts all together.

- Courtney Grant, Chair – Human Resources Committee







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