Going Green Initiative

Montague Ridall & Associates is passionate about maintaining an eco-friendly, green business. Therefore, each committee has devised their own “green goals” in order to conserve our valuable resources.

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Each committee’s goals are as follows:

The Global Cultural Awareness committee plans to use presentations throughout the semester to make fellow employees aware of ways to become more eco-friendly on a daily basis.

The Project committee will utilize sustainable practices when planning Casino Night such as email communication, Google documents to edit changes, cold calling/E-vites to minimize printing quota.  We will ensure environmentally friendly practices at the event itself by providing recycling receptacles and distributing green efficient swag bags to attendees.

The Budget committee will not use any papers except for the Deposit/Withdrawal slip, since it requires physical signatures, in order to cut down on printing costs.

The Website committee plans to create awareness for the green initiatives through this webpage as well as limiting all documents to an online format for better organization and cheaper costs.

The Marketing committee wants to have at least 70% or more of their promotions to have been virtual marketing, achieved by utilizing social media, web flyers, television advertisements, radio advertisements, and emails to the undergraduate community.

The Volunteer/CPR/Alumni Panel committee is looking to have a paperless alumni event with the use of electronic slideshows instead of handouts. They also plan to clean up trash and litter around campus to recycle.

The Sponsorship and Fundraising Committee will try to minimize our use of paper and implement recycled materials daily when distributing information and donation affair prizes.

The Newsletter committee plan to reduce the amount of paper used for printing by at least 50% from 960 pages last semester to 480 pages (or less) this semester.

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