PCMA Conference

Professional Convention Management Association’s Greater Philadelphia Chapter offers cutting-edge learning opportunities in a comfortable environment, where networking and leaning from peers is the primary focus.  PCMA’s Greater Philadelphia Chapter serves 307 members from the Mid-Atlantic region including Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. PCMA’s Greater Philadelphia Chapter’s March meeting and breakfast focused on “The 5 Keys to Increasing and Accelerating Performance” and was sponsored by Visit Indy!

The world’s best performing companies understand the well-researched relationship between employee engagement and business results.  They make employee engagement a strategic initiative to drive productivity, energize customer service, improve safety, expand market share, and increase profits.  The focus of this session, presented by Richard Kuepper, will be on increasing and accelerating performance. During the highly interactive session you will learn the 5 keys: 

1.       Confidence – clearly define goals, roles, and expectations
2.       Communication – know, listen, and involve
3.       Challenge – stretch, develop, and grow
4.       Connect – emotionalize results and link to team
5.       Celebrate – acknowledge and reward

The session will conclude with a “real world” challenge that will require full engagement and peak performance from all!

Agenda for Thursday, March 7, 2013
7:45am – Registration opens
8:00am-9:00am – Registration and breakfast
8:45am – Opening remarks
9:00am-10:30am – Program


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The PCMA conference that I attended on Thursday was very motivational. Industry professionals attended from all around the country, including Indiana and New Jersey, so it was great to network with other industry professionals not just from Greater Philadelphia area. During the conference, we had the opportunity to let loose and get to know people in different ways and learn to network outside of our comfort zone. One important takeaway that I think resonates well with Senior Seminar and our students is the ability to understand that it does not matter how many resources you have in life, what is important is understanding how to become resourceful yourself.   As a part of Montague-Ridall & Associates, we are provided with so many resources and information from each of our associates, but some of these resources may fall through.  It has become important for all of us to know how to become resourceful and best utilize the contacts and information that we’re given to accomplish our tasks.

- Mary Kate Malinowski, Project Committee


I was able to attend the Greater Philadelphia PCMA meeting in early march.  The program was set up differently than other meetings I have attended in the past, as a lot of interaction, learning and networking was completed while standing for the majority of the event.   The event’s speaker tasked the audience to break apart into groups of three and answer different and interesting questions about ourselves.  The goal was to have the audience members think about themselves in a new way, other than how they think on a daily basis.  Questions like “What are you most grateful for?” or “What superhero power do you wish you had?” caused the audience to think on a deeper level.  As a student, it was a great feeling to have professionals listen to our opinions and respect what we had to say.  For our last challenge, all attendees were faced with breaking a one inch wooden board in half. At first, I thought this was not possible for me to complete, but after a little coaxing and some inner confidence building, I was able to break the board. This taught me that the only person standing in the way of my own potential is me!  Once I get past the initial fear and nervousness of trying something new and challenging, I know I will be able to accomplish anything. This message is something I am able to apply not simply to my professional life, but to my personal life as well.

-      Glenn Scott, Project Committee


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