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Global Cultural Awareness Updates

Why should students be aware and consider different issues that are going  on worldwide?globe

Issues that are going on around the globe effect us in multiple ways whether we know it or not.  Diversity and cultural awareness are an important part of Montague-Riddall & Assosciates. Our employees need to be educated and well aware of current events that are going on at home but as well as abroad and those topics can include topics anywhere from racism, war, taxes, politics, etc. We want our employees to learn more about cultures in order to create a more healthier work atmosphere but to also take away any negative thoughts that they had before.

Our Global Cultural Awareness committee will be in charge of educating as well as keeping our employees up to date with current events that are happening within the Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport industry. They will present a new topic each week engaging the audience, but also creating an atmosphere in which our employees feel they can ask questions or raise awareness to other issues based on the topic. We want our employees to form discussions within class, but we also want our online visitors to join the discussions as well. We will be posting the presentations each week, giving our online readers a chance to give their thoughts and opinions.

Below are some of the presentations that our Global Cultural Awareness committee have presented in class this semester. Check them out and feel free to leave your comments.


Nike Sweatshops

Bright Blue Futures (Hilton)

Gun Control

LGBT Rights

Women’s Rights